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The RISING Phoenix Program, has helped over 5000 clients (and growing) restore their relationship with themselves and their bodies through a Journey of Self Love towards self discovery and life purpose using the RISE METHOD.

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What Our Clients are Saying


My relationship to pain has always held me back. Before I met Rosa, and prior to the program, I struggled to walk, climb a set of stairs, I was not able to spend time with my family, plus a list of health complications. Going through the 90 Day Rising Phoenix Challenge has caused mental and physical changes! Before the program I was taking multiple diabetic medications, had rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, high cholesterol,anaphylactic allergy to peanuts, acid reflux, abnormal Pap tests and cervical biopsies. After doing the program I lost 100 pounds and can fully say I have been off all diabetic medication, reduced my RA medication, no longer asthmatic, no longer allergic to peanuts, no more acid reflux and I have regular Pap tests and cervical biopsies! The nutritional and physical knowledge that comes along with the program has been unbelievable and has allowed me to develop a connection to my body and intuitively know what it needs. And to top it off, I am following my dreams running my own business doing what I love!

– Maria, 40


Before I met Rosa I was living with an eating disorder in secret, isolating myself, was obsessed with counting my calories and burning them off. I weighed myself every day, which dictated my mood. I stopped menstruating and hit my rock bottom when I was admitted to the hospital with an all time low of 102 pounds on my 5’8″ frame. I experienced extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety attacks and would forget where I was at when I was away for school. I lost and ruined a lot of my relationships. I had no self confidence, suffered from brain fog and crippling fear. I worked with multiple therapists often feeling hopeless. Since I met Rosa, I began to experience moments of happiness that created hope for me. I learned how to incorporate a healthy way to move and train my body. I began to feel love for myself and started to not only heal my relationships, but create stronger ones than ever before! I gained clarity of my vision and dreams, and am actively pursuing them! I am feeling healthier and stronger than ever before at 130 pounds and I am menstruating again!

– Sam, 23


Before I met Rosa, I had no self worth! I used sleeping pills, and took ADHD medication.  My husband and I were on the verge of a divorce. I drank alcohol to cope, and I barely ate, let alone eating vegetables. I had no energy, and I simply wasn’t happy. Since meeting Rosa, and taking the program, I actually love myself! I no longer take sleeping pills and am off my ADHD medication! My husband and I have fallen more deeply in love with each other and our family home is filled with love and forgiveness. I no longer rely on alcohol to cope and actually enjoy meditating, stretching and training! I do my own food prep and actually eat vegetables! Even as a full time teacher, I have opened up my own wellness studio! This program has transformed mine and my family’s life and I am forever grateful! I cannot wait to keep going!

– Mishelle, 47


Before the Rising Phoenix program, I was in a very tough point in my life after having my son. I was disempowered and had a lot of imbalances within my body. This didn’t allow me keep up or have patience when caring for my son. There was a lot of hate and resentment for my body within me. Since I started the program the relationship I have with myself has improved about 95%.  Since the 90 days I have lost a total of 34lbs, and about 25inches reduced around different areas of my body. This also positively affected my sleeping habits, which further promoted more weight loss! I definitely recommend this program to new moms, but also anyone struggling to lose weight, gut health or any health issues, or if you’re just looking for a loving community to support you through your journey.

– Alexa, 26


Since I met Rosa I was 205 pounds, I had no self confidence, and I didn’t even know who I was. I was a people pleaser, suffered from severe acne, and was in a toxic relationship. I tried personal training, diets and even personal development programs but nothing really stuck. Since meeting Rosa, I have lost 53 pounds, and dropped 4 pant sizes.  I went from wearing extra large in tshirts to a small. I feel stronger and better than ever before, and most importantly feel confident in who I really am.  I gained a mind, body connection that I didn’t even know existed! I got to marry my best friend and soul mate who supports and loves me unconditionally and was able to leave my 9-5 job to live my life on my terms as an entrepreneur doing what I absolutely love-inspire conscious parenting to raise empowered self-loving children for our future. I’m not only grateful for having the tools and knowledge to maintain this new lifestyle, but I also love the community for the support and accountability it offers. We’ve become a family.

– Nicole, 31


Rosa taught me many things about mind, body and soul. I definitely did not understand much of what she was talking about at first but I am continuing to slowly unpack her lessons and understand. I remember asking her, ‘What is meditation?’, just to give you an idea of where I was on my learning journey. I now have a daily meditation practice that I need and want as much as I want to brush my teeth. In discussion with Rosa we believe that it is because of this deep commitment to my meditation practice that I was able to stop sabotaging behaviours. The reason I came to Rosa had nothing to do with this sabotaging behaviour but being able to release the behaviour has had a huge positive impact on my life, physically, emotionally and financially. I am still working through understanding my mind, body and soul and that journey will go on for the rest of my life but what I can say is that Rosa’s way of helping you make the connection between your mind, body and soul HAS to change your life for the better, 100% results guaranteed. So, no matter what your ‘crisis’ is, Rosa can help. You feel her commitment to you, she is the real deal.

– Tara, 52


Before the 90 Day challenge I had no structure, I had no schedule, and no accountability. Day to day was just a rat race to please everyone around me, and fulfill my duties. I wasn’t really taking care of myself. I felt like I wasn’t worthy. I constantly had a narrative of not caring about what I ate. Overall, I just wanted to feel good about myself and have confidence, in and out of my clothes. I felt like I was in this body but it’s not my body. I didn’t want to be in this body. Now, having gone through the program and 20 pounds lighter, I now feel worthy. I have peace. I wake up with excitement and confidence, I even wake up looking forward to working out with the team! I no longer like the feeling when I do not move my body and connect to it. Before I was just so used to pain and discomfort. I thought it was normal! Also, my awareness for the sort of food and nutrients I am putting in my body has changed, which changed the way me and my family do groceries.

– Sarah, 37


Prior to the Rising Phoenix program, I was getting heavy, had lack of movement, which was affecting my knee a lot. I didn’t like the way my body looked, and would only go shopping if I really needed to. Being 65 years old, I actually felt like I was 80 years old whenever I would walk. Going up flights of a stairs was a constant struggle due to the pain in my knee. After going through the program, I’ve dropped 10 -15 pounds. Now, I can get through my day without even thinking about my knee because it’s no longer bothering me. Even those around me have noticed a significant change, from the way that stand myself, I’m walking more straight. My body physically feels stronger. Before I would barely be able to do a plank for more than 5 seconds, now I’m doing a 1minute and 20 second planks. I no longer have to sit down on my bed to put on a pair of pants! Overall I have more energy, and its more than just the physical change, it’s also a mental change, which is obvious when I’m at work, and doing day to day tasks.

– Josie, 65


Before I started the program, I was depressed and felt like there was no way out; I had been struggling with ups and downs and felt out of control at times. I was moving through the motions of life like a zombie. I would go to work and complete my responsibilities, but I was not living. I tried everything, personal trainers, counted calories, ate healthy, or so I thought and was taking heavy mood stabilizing medication. Since completing the 90 day Rising Phoenix, my life has completely changed! I have developed a mind-body connection that I never would have imagined was possible. I stopped taking heartburn medication and do not experience acid reflux anymore. I have learned about nourishing my body; moving my body and further developed my spiritual connection. I started my journey at 227 lbs and a dress size of 12-16. I lost 27 lbs, and counting. I went down 2 dress sizes and my outlook on life has shifted. I no longer experience brain fog throughout my day; I am more productive with my time and I no longer feel like a zombie. I am a completely different person. 

– Kelsey, 30


Before the Rising Phoenix Program I suffered from shoulder and elbow pain. Since going through the program and working with Rosa one on one I have lost 8lbs, 1 1/2 inches from my hips and thighs, 1 inch from my waist and NO MORE shoulder pain! 

– Elisabeth, 50

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What is the RISE METHOD?

The RISE METHOD is a way of life; a perspective in the way we embark on the journey of self-love through the understanding of the role of the mind-body connection and its interconnectedness to our external reality.

This tool for life teaches how to respond to life circumstances in a way that cultivates the courage to be who you are and the clarity and direction of living your life’s purpose.

The method involves a mind-body practice and spiritual guidance to support the individual through the integration of the teachings.

The by-product of the RISE METHOD, includes weight harmony (loss or gain), hormonal balance, restored gut health and ultimately an authentically loving relationship with ourselves that creates joy in the journey of pursuing our purpose and the life we were made to live.

How was the RISE METHOD Created?

The RISE METHOD was created through Rosa Rago‘s personal life experience, where a near death experience led her towards a path of self-healing and creating a life authentic to herself. This allowed Rosa to live life free on her own terms, while empowering, guiding and teaching others to do the same.

About Rosa

Photo of Rosa Rago, Founder of I Am Rosa Rago and RISE Mind BodyMy journey in health and fitness began at a young age. I started playing soccer at eight years old, and quickly advanced in my career. By the time I was 13, I was playing at the provincial and national levels. This led me to achieve a full scholarship in the United States as a Division 1 athlete – the highest level of intercollegiate athletics. I attended Central Michigan University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness and a minor in Nutrition. My program specialized in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventative Disease; I graduated with honours and was on the Dean’s list for five years.

During this time, I was the first soccer athlete at CMU to win the First Team All Conference Award three years in a row. While at CMU, I completed a clinical internship at William Beaumont Hospital, where I was able to witness every medical procedure for cardiac patients, including open-heart surgery, exercise, stress tests and electrocardiogram interpretations. I also had the ability to interact with cardiac patients on a personal level, which I believe was the most impactful experience.

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During my experience through the internship program, specifically in the third phase as the patients were “graduating” from their cardiac rehab program, something stood out uncomfortably and undeniably for me. While I witnessed the cardiac patients ‘rehabilitating” their heart in theory, I noticed that was not necessarily the case. What I noticed that stood out the most, through my conversations with the patients, was their expression of their pain of the past and the resentment and regret that they embodied around sharing their stories. It was clear to me, while their physical heart was ‘recovering’, the impact of what caused the stress on the heart to begin with was never addressed or ever a topic of conversation.

After I graduated and completed my internship, I realized I did not want to pursue a career in medicine. Rather, I wanted to be more involved in a preventative practice and work with individuals before they were at a point of disease.

Inspired to want to help people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, and based on my core values, strengths and passions I decided to move back to Canada and became a personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness, one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. I was the first personal trainer in my region and one of ten across Canada to receive a “Level 5 Trainer” promotion – the highest-level trainer as recognized by the company at the time. I quickly became recognized as a “Top 5” personal trainer out of 2,800 trainers nationwide!

My evolution expanded my vision of career success, which motivated me to continue living my life’s purpose. In 2012, I launched my own wellness studio RISE MIND BODY.

My enduring passion comes through in my teachings to my clients, and the many people I have helped awaken to a life of self-love on my journey.

RISE MIND BODY has since grown into a wonderful community that welcomes and unconditionally accepts anyone who arrives here on their journey whether that’s from discovering my website or through personal referrals from my wonderful clients.

In early 2018, I started my Rise with Rosa Podcast and in 2019, I officially launched I AM ROSA RAGO Inc. where I offer my own personal services, workshops, courses and programs.

I now travel the world and offer my life coaching and wellness services through an online platform, spreading my message internationally.

What Makes Rising Phoenix Different From Any Other Program?

There are so many online programs these days that have become so automated and have lost the true sense of community.

The RISING PHOENIX Program is the only program out there that offers an exclusive chat group that gives you LIVE unlimited access to a community of likeminded individuals where you can share your journey throughout the process and truly feel supported.

Other than the proven step by step process provided, nutritional guidance, mindset coaching, mind-body practice and so much more, at RISE, we pride ourselves on community. We believe that when your support system is strong and you feel you are part of a family, anything is possible!

We truly believe that there is a lack of authenticity in support systems and because of this we have made it a point to structure the delivery of this program in a way that ensures that every single person in the program feels fully supported.

We truly believe this is why we achieve 100% results! This may sound bold, but we know that as long as you do the work, it is 100% guaranteed results. We also know and understand, that it is not always easy to follow through with the work, so the RISE team have done everything possible to make it as easy as possible so that you don’t fail!

What's Included?