Vision Exercise.

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Hey! Congratulations!

You have taken the first step already towards building your life!

I am so excited to take you through this exercise, because it is one of the most important skills and habits to finding success and fulfillment. In fact, I know this to be so true, that I will guarantee that you will attain everything you write down here, and MORE, if you just do the work. I see this all the time, without fail!

Hi, my name is Rosa Rago and the path to finding my purpose of standing for, supporting, and guiding others to creating their lives, did not come without external struggles in my life, including five near death incidents, suffering physical and emotional abuse, my parents divorcing, and subsequent bankruptcy, as well as developing an eating disorder. It was when I surrendered to an internal process of healing and connecting to my mind, body and soul, that I gained clarity and the ability to help others in a profound way.

A turning point in my life took place after a horrifying experience at the age of 22. I was a varsity soccer player in the US on a full scholarship. I was out for a run, and struck by a vehicle in a near fatal accident. This accident turned into one of my greatest blessings. The traumatic experience led me on a path to self-healing, self-discovery, and self-mastery.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness, in Preventative and Rehabilitation, with a focus on the heart and pulmonary disease, I returned to Canada and became a top earning personal trainer. Over 10 years ago, I founded a wellness studio known as RISE Mind Body Fitness Ltd. I also created the Journey to Rise Method, and since then, RISE MIND BODY has grown exponentially, and expanded into an international online platform.

Today, I own and run a Business Operations and Marketing company. I mentor and guide entrepreneurs at all levels.

I also enjoy building my real estate portfolio through Airbnb ventures. With profound intuitive gifts, my experiences, and my faith in God, I stand for integrity at all levels, by supporting and empowering others.

My method and community have witnessed undeniable results. My gift of clarity has guided hundreds of clients towards finding success in creating their lives!

So welcome to the Journey to RISE…

xo Rosa Rago

Let's Get Started!

The First Step…

Pull out your calendar and book an appointment with yourself! Make sure to schedule this time when you can sit down for a solid 1-2 hours with full focus and zero distractions! Booking an appointment with yourself and taking time to work on your vision must be the standard when it comes to how you lead your own life. Once you have booked an appointment with yourself, then make sure to book your session with the RISE team through this link, so that we can continue to work through the assignment.


It is one thing to go through the motions of writing out your vision and goals, however successfully executing your vision is based on who you are and who you become in the process of actualizing your vision. We believe, that in order to find true success, you must become a boss:
  • Belief System: Operate from a place of infinite possibilities and courage
  • Organization System: Work on a detailed plan as well as constantly evolving it
  • Support System: Build strong relationships around you that support your goals
  • Self Mastery: Grow and evolve towards your greatest potential
By fulfilling on the above, you will find your vision unfolding as a result of you showing up for yourself as the boss of your life. You see, when you do this right, you don’t chase your dreams. They chase you.

What's Next?

The First Step…

So, if you’re ready to be the boss of your life, let’s begin by distinguishing the difference between our internal and external world.

Internal World

Our internal world is all about how much we understand and process our deepest and most inner thoughts and emotions as we interact with our life experiences.

How we respond to our life experiences and what we create as a result of how we respond, reveals a lot about how well we know ourselves, what we are truly motivated by, what we are grounded in and truly value, what we are passionate about and what we are creating within our relationships and in our lives. This process is one of Self Mastery.

The quality and the sustainability of the quality of our output and the results we yield in our lives is a direct reflection of our Self Mastery.

We must take time to work on our internal world through a journey of Self Mastery. When we do this, we are able to be fully self-expressed as our authentic selves. And, it is this version of who we are that is capable of attaining our dreams.

Without Self-Mastery…

We become unclear
We start things and don’t finish them
We constantly change our minds
We quit when things get hard
We become less fulfilled no matter what we attain

I am excited to provide guidance and support around helping you to begin or further your journey of Self Mastery!

Our external world is everything we materialize in our lives.

Everything we create is an expression of our internal world.

“When I achieve ‘X’, I will be happy”

This statement is the mentality of most people.

They operate from a place of earning an outcome,
before deserving the outcome.

We can only sustain what we can match in our character.

But, this is not how life actually works.

Our external reality is simply a reflection of how we show up.

And how we show up, is a reflection of our Self Mastery.

Work Smarter,
Instead of Harder

Despite the fact that most people focus mainly on the external world, what most fail to realize, is that 90% of the process of achieving your goals is in the internal work and only 10% is in the external.

How to Write Your Vision

For the purpose of executing this assignment, we are going to consider a 10-year projection when connecting to our vision. When it comes to creating your vision you must consider the following: 1. Connect to your future self Turn off your mind by closing your eyes and taking a few breaths and allowing yourself to enter a space of infinite possibilities. Remove all fears and limiting beliefs so that you can access your vision in the absence of your fears and disbeliefs. Allow yourself to connect to the feelings of your future self that is already connected to the vision. It is your future self that is going to be writing out your vision. If this is difficult, it’s OK! This is typical. All this means is that you haven’t been spending enough time with your internal world to organize your thoughts and emotions. You simply need to spend more time finding your stillness, and that can take a few more hours, days, weeks, or even months! This is an ongoing process! This may require working with a coach as well. You can book a call with one of our RISE Coaches by clicking here. 2. Speak in the present tense Because you are describing your vision from your future self, you want to share your vision like you are telling a story about something that has already happened. 3. Share what it feels like AND what it looks like Paint a picture and create the experience! Consider your intentions when writing your vision! Most people just mention things and outcomes when they talk about their vision. Make sure to involve the process: what your typical day looks like. The vibe, how you feel, etc. Take me there! Be as detailed as possible! This is your story! Let’s get started…

Basic Info

Internal World

1. Self-Mastery

When sharing this aspect of your vision, how do you hold yourself and respond to your life circumstances during the good, bad, and ugly!? What is your internal reality? What specific practices, structures and routines do you implement into your every day life that keeps you centered in who you are, and constantly growing and evolving into greater versions of yourself as a result of your experiences? Do you have a brotherhood? A church? A community? Where, who, or what do you turn to as your Source?

External World

2. Fitness/Health

What are you doing for fitness and your health? What hobbies and habits are you adopting? How do you feel in your body?

3. Love

What is your love life like? Is there a partnership? A companion? A marriage? What is the dynamic of this relationship? How are you integrated? How do you show up for your partner? What kind of partner are you?

4. Family

How do you show up as a mother, father, dog owner, etc.? What is family life like? Is there tradition? What does your home feel like? What is the culture of your family dynamic?

5. Finances

What is your relationship with money? What is your financial status? How does it feel? What kinds of revenue streams do you have? What kind of lifestyle are you supporting?

6. Adventure/Joy/Passion

What do you do for fun? What is your lifestyle like around your responsibilities?

7. Relationships

Who is in your support system? Are you part of a community? What healthy relationships do you have in your life? What values are your relationships built from? How are these relationships built into your life? How are they nurtured?

8. Self-Development

How do you continue to evolve? What do you do to educate yourself? Do you have mentors? Do you take courses? How do you invest your time into your self-development amongst everything? What things are you learning about?

Additional Thoughts & Notes

Is there anything else that you would like to add? This can be anything that comes to you in your stillness!